Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity enriches Triage as an organization.

Our employees are from different backgrounds, ethnicities, generations and life experiences. Different perspectives stimulate creativity and help transform values and practices that make this company a great place to work. Triage is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment where our employees can reach their fullest potential. Together, we can create the best value for our clients, our communities, and our people.

Our values – Equality, Equity, Diversity, Integrity, and Inclusion – are critical to Triage’s community and success. Our unwavering commitment is felt and seen through our practices and programs.

Inclusive Leadership

An inclusive culture requires buy-in from all levels of the organization, and is cultivated from the top down. Our leadership is committed to treating each individual with respect and driving value from the different perspectives each person brings to our teams and company. Our leaders seek to learn from each Triager and encourage open communication, feedback, and discussion in our team settings and through our Employee Forums, Round Tables, and Town Halls.

Our Mentor Program plays a key role in the transition into the professional workplace. Mentors help new hires feel connected to Triage and act as an advocate for their career development. We want every Triager to feel supported, included, and recognized.

Employee Empowerment

Our Recruiting Squad is made up of all staff levels that are enthusiastically involved in Triage’s diversity efforts. Triage builds strong relationships with minority student organizations through minority panels, diversity symposiums, and diversity career fairs. Our Recruiting Squad seeks diversity and actively recruits interns and students from over 100 school campuses.

Triage is building a more inclusive community with our employee-led groups. Employee Resource Groups (ERG) and Clubs, like LGBTQA+ and Cultural Connection, are employee forums that connect with one another and provide mentoring, learning, and growth opportunities. Our Cultural Connection ERG shares and celebrates diverse cultural holidays and events. Celebrating our differences as well as common interests helps educate and unite us.

Diversity & Inclusion Squad

We are proud that diversity and inclusion are woven into our company culture. This steering committee seeks to build on those principles to enhance support systems, communication pathways, education, and engagement opportunities that reflect and embrace our diverse workforce. We believe it is essential to develop awareness on cultural sensitivity and unconscious bias, and to continuously look for opportunities to partner with other internal initiatives to strengthen our approach to diversity and inclusion company-wide.

This is an evolving process, and the squad actively seeks out and reviews organizational feedback in order to address engagement challenges among underrepresented employee groups.