Comprehensive Payment Review

Triage specializes in delivering new cash to hospitals’ bottom lines.  We review closed (zero insurance balance) patient accounts to determine whether they were paid correctly per health plan contracts or government fee schedules.  Our review encompasses all payers – government, commercial and self-funded.

In every CPR engagement, Triage focuses on three objectives:

Find and Recover the Cash You’re Owed

We conduct a detailed review of claims payments, customized to your health plan contracts and government fee schedules.

When we discover underpayments or inappropriate denials, we work with the payers to recover the additional amounts due.

Reduce Future Cash Losses

We provide detailed reporting on the sources of underpayments, and where errors occur throughout your facility’s revenue cycle.

We recommend specific policies and procedures to reduce future underpayments.

Share Best Practices Contract Language

We draw on our national scope to recommend reliable contract language to improve accuracy in claims payment and protect your revenue stream.

We monitor and alert you to changes in government fee structures, legislation, or regulations that may impact contracts or claims payment.

Because Triage’s CPR focuses on closed accounts, the cash we recover goes straight to your bottom line. Further, our review is risk-free. Triage’s fee is contingent on the total amount we collect over the course of the project.