Workers’ Compensation Revenue Management

Beyond our Comprehensive Payment Review services, Triage more holistically partners with hospitals to maximize the yield and minimize the hassle associated with the workers’ compensation population. Largely tailored to a hospital’s specific needs, Triage’s team of dedicated specialists can take over (and enhance) several key revenue cycle functions, with a focus on:

  • Insurance verification support;
  • Bill edit resolution;
  • Assuring accurate claims submission;
  • Triage-calculated expected A/R determination;
  • Initial claims follow-up;
  • Underpayment & denial identification and recovery; and
  • All phases of dispute resolution (appeals, independent bill review, liens, and litigation).

Calculating accurate expected reimbursement is fundamental to ensuring the correct payment is received. Triage’s understanding of the various, ever-changing fee schedules is unparalleled, causing our pricing to be precise and our client’s revenue to be maximized.

We take a highly transparent and collaborative approach to our work, so bundled with this service are frequent and customized reporting, regulatory monitoring, periodic recommendations for process improvement, staff education, and highly attentive customer service. Further, although we work predominantly within our own proprietary system, Triage is happy to coordinate uploads of collection activity notes and adjustment/write-off transactions directly into our clients’ patient accounting systems.